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Who Got This?

You got this!



I promise…



How are YOU doing tribe? Honestly? Truthfully

I hope YOU are doing blissfully!!!


 For someone who talks as much as I do the fact I never know what to blog about is crazy to me, but I have all the faith that in time it will be like second nature.


This last week has tested me, my ego really tried to come and take centre stage like it was even invited to this show. Does this ever happen to you? 

I try not to allow not so great experiences to keep me down, the only person it is truly affecting and holding back would be me. Dwelling on situations can truly get you stuck in a static place, this is not something that we want! Well I know I definitely don’t.

You really have to ... Let Go and Let God!


Time to bring out the pen and paper (just to let you know, this may well be a regular thing). This is all for the growth and exploration of self. Everything that I ask you to do I promise I am doing as well. WE ON SOME TRIBE ISH


The exercise this week is for releasing what is not serving you anymore in this life.


I start off by writing:


I am grateful for all I have been blessed with and all the experiences I encounter however, it is time for the following to leave my mind and physical space:


Then I write down everything I want to release in that moment such as:


I release fear

I release the need for outside validation

I release toxic thoughts

I release negativity

I release any anger stored within 

I release anything that does not align with my higher purpose

I am freed from all low vibrational entities and cleansed, for this I am grateful. GOOD BYE!



Everything I listed was for me, be honest with yourself and let go of what is needed even if it takes 5 pages (it doesn't even have to be a list, just WRITE). There is no right and wrong when it comes to you and your life.

Do not re read it, burn it if you will (I find this helpful when I really need to let go of certain people and feelings). The greatest part of being on your own journey is finding your way and creating your rituals.


We are so powerful and the more we innerstand to overstand we allow our true selves to hold control.


Well done in taking steps to your own healing!!!




LOVE and LIGHT to all you beautiful readers, let us continue to live and fulfil our PURPOSE!



- Ya, The Daughter of Ra


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